Vacant Cab

Our Aim :

  • Making Best of Waste i.e making use of those taxi cabs which are running vacant one way between two cities.
  • Providing a traveller an economical option to avail cab facility at or nearer to volvo or luxury bus ticket cost.
  • Serving to enviornment and to the economy of nation by preventing avoidable fuel consumptions of vacant running vehicles.

How is ‘Vacant Outstation Cabs’ beneficial to Cab Operators?

Aggregating cabs from small operators or individuals is not an easy task.
Chatur Musafir Team understands the difficulty most Cab operators go through when hiring cabs and drivers that have a fixed salary. When a driver is given a lead for a certain pick or drop service, the operator is only aware of what has been told by the driver. It’s true that drivers are sometimes not always truthful to the operator. They are always looking for ways to make money on the side. In the same scenario, if a Driver is hired for an outstation travel, and when after completing his task, he finds passengers en route his return path, the operator is likely to be unaware of such situation thereby losing their margin and profits.


  1. A Driver is hired by a certain Cab operator to drop passengers from Udaipur to Ahmedabad. Let’s take the same example and say its 250kms from Udaipur to Ahmedabad at Rs. 10 per km. By standard traditional process, the passenger is charged for two-way mileage even though the passenger is travelling one-way i.e, the taxi company charges Rs. 5,000 for round trip (oneside 250 kms x 2  =500 kms x 10 per km = Rs 5000/- ) 
  2. After completing the task, driver has to return back to Udaipur and report to the operator. Either in Ahmedabad or en route to Udaipur, the driver may find passengers who are in need of cab services and accepts such requests without the knowledge of the cab operator that hired him. There may also be such multiple services that the driver provides without the taxi company’s knowledge. In this scenario, the driver is pocketing all the travel money he makes, resulting in loss for the taxi company. This is where Chatur  Musafir’s ‘Vacant Outstation Cabs’ plays a part. By signing up with us, we can provide leads to the hired driver for taxi services to passengers on his way back from the destination city. Such leads are recorded  with us and are shared with the Cab operator. This releases all doubts & confusion on the hired driver in  addition to providing the cab operator with extra income for a return trip which may have no passengers at all.

How much Cab Operator can earn?

  1. First trip from Udaipur to Ahmedabad dropping - Rs. 5000
  2. Plus Ahmedabad to Udaipur VACANT CAB customer provided by Chatur Musafir Team  (amount will be decided between the customer and Cab Operator) 

‘Vacant Outstation Cabs’ benefits to Cab operators:

  1. Extra income on every return if leads are confirmed.
  2. Make Two to Three times the money that what you used to.
  3. Cab Operators can’t be cheated by drivers for not disclosing the enrooted pickups.
  4. Hassle-free.

How can a Cab operator register their Vacant Outstation Cabs for bookings?

  1. Sign up with Facebook or Google on 
  2. Upload all required details
  3. Our Team will call you and verify the detailes filled by you.
  4. Upon verification we will list your Vacant Cab for Bookings.