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Go on, make an offer and bag a hotel bargain

Why make an offer on a ? Hotels set their room rates based on occupancy levels. The more empty rooms they have, the more willing they are to negotiate a discounted rate to fill those is a new concept in booking accommodation online, which puts you in the "driver's seat". With you can make an offer on a room, and if that offer is accepted by the hotel, then the room is yours - at the rate you agreed on.

The process is simple:

- Find the hxotel you want
- Bid an amount that you can afford with the help of cursor , the price shown are the best online price.
- The bid will be relayed to the hotel, which will either accept your bid or come back with a counter bid
- You get 2 chances, and the hotel two counter offers, to agree on a room rate, and if you do then the room is yours!
- All bidding must be completed within 4 hours
To ensure genuine bidders, may asks for a credit card authorization before you commence bidding. This way the hotels know they have received a bid on a room from a cash buyer, and if they accept your offer the deal is done.To get the best deal, keep in mind:- The longer your stay, the lower your bid can be - and the more bargaining power you have
- The higher the room rate the more likely you are to get a bigger discount
- The shorter the notice the better the deal you can get!
If hoteliers are sure they won't be able to sell a specific room/night on a higher rate, they will take almost any rate just to get their beds filled.So check out other accommodation websites, compare rates for your preferred hotel, then make a bid on It is a free booking system, and you pay what you want for a room with up to a 70% discount on the rack rate.

Bidding for a room on is simple. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Choose your hotel

Step 2: Choose your room type

Step 3: Select the dates of your stay

Step 4: Submit your bid on what you are prepared to pay

Step 5: Add in your details
Tell us who you are, who is travelling and how many people. You are then one step closer to your cheapest accommodation rate and dream holiday

Step 6: Add your payment details may checks your credit card details and then forwards your offer to the hotel. The hotel will treat your offer as a bonafide bid, and then the negotiating starts.

Step 7: Login to your bidding room
You will be sent an email with your username and password into a private bidding room. Here you can keep track of your offers and the hotel counter offers. Remember you have up to 3 hotels at a time .